‘We’re Not In Kansas Anymore’ by Courage My Love is my new jam.

Was really hoping this would play from here and not just be a link. *sigh*Guess I can disconnect tumblr from Jam. :-/


‘We’re Not In Kansas Anymore’ by Courage My Love is my new jam.

Was really hoping this would play from here and not just be a link. *sigh*

Guess I can disconnect tumblr from Jam. :-/



Addendum to Yo, Marvel. Here’s your Carol Danvers concept film

Title: Warbird (because I know you’re afraid of anything having the word Marvel in the title, and Binary doesn’t sound as badass)

Synopsis: US Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers (Anna Torv, Fringe) is about to hit forty, and ready to retire. Accompanied by War Machine James Rhodes (Don Cheadle, as seen in Iron Man 2 & 3), and suffering from a hangover, Danvers heads to the Nevada desert to investigate the crash landing of an unidentified aircraft. The last thing Danvers is in the mood for, is a run-in with smart mouthed SHIELD agent Jessica Drew (Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead).

The second to last thing, is an alien spacecraft that seems to be phasing in and out of existence.


  • CAROL MOTHERFUCKING DANVERS. Needs no introduction.
  • James Rhodes. You need a character to springboard off? Airforce bros 4 lyfe yo.
  • Jessica Drew. SHIELD presence? Everyone’s favourite comics BrOTP? Secret SWORD agent who actually has crazy spider-powers? Done.
  • Abigail Brand. Alien badass extraordinare.
  • Yon-Rogg. Undercover crash-landed Kree soldier who landed on earth aeons ago. Some serious Area 51 shit, okay? Was sent to earth to find the Tesseract, but got stuck, and is steadily losing grip with reality.
  • Karla Sofen. Psychotic air force psychiatrist and profiler who joins forces with Yon-Rogg for some crazy reason or other.
  • Monica Rambeau. Coast Guard buddy of Carol and Rhodey. So badass she doesn’t need powers (yet)
  • Kit Renner and Kamala Khan. Kids who live in Carol’s apartment building. HUUUUGE fans of the badass airforce pilot lady.


Who needs Mar-Vell? Give Carol an origin story that isn’t tied to a dude. Bring together current MCU characters (Rhodey, maybe even Hill or Agent 13), with new characters based loosely on the comics. Use characters from various periods in Carol’s life.

I chose Warbird for a few reasons

  1. Because I really can’t see Disney wanting to actually put Marvel in the title of one of their films
  2. Seeing as my little idea for a Carol film doesn’t actually include Mar-Vell, it really doesn’t make sense to use either Marvel name
  3. Binary is probably her least known name in 616, and it is associated with very specific powers. I wanted to save it for a second Carol film called Warbird: Binary.
  4. Warbird is the name given to vintage military aircraft, and considering part of my premise is that Carol intends to retire, this has a lot of significance
  5. In the comics, Warbird was her alias during her battle with alcoholism in 616. Another thing I would like to see included in a film. It’s not often you see high functioning alcoholics who are women, portrayed in film.

Make this movie. MAKE IT.

Goddamnit, I’ll even write it for you. For free. Do it already.


Only problem with not liking art by douchebags is the sheer volume of douchebags who have created art.

Depressingly accurate.


Only problem with not liking art by douchebags is the sheer volume of douchebags who have created art.

Depressingly accurate.


"What if we set your backyard on fire?"

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"Life and Death" by The Dear Hunter

Life and Death by The Dear Hunter on Grooveshark

ThisIsMyJam can’t find an embeddable version of this song but this is totally my jam right now. So I’m posting it here.





Chris Person fixed TIME’s new magazine cover. Now it’s accurate. (TIME version #1, Person edit #2)

Update: And here’s another stellar contribution from @direlog




Oh, look! Tumblr fixed it for us. Thanks!

Oh, and fuck you, Time magazine.


Carol Danvers’ Lucky Hat (Pattern)


So here it is, Carol Corps!  The present I promised: 



Wait, what?  Where are you going???

Here, lemme ‘splain: 

That right there is Carol Danvers’ lucky hat, as knit for her by Grandma Rose in Captain Marvel Issue 9, which I know you are all going to have in your hot little hands come Wednesday the 16th.  

Here is the panel description for the hat’s first appearance: 

Carol walking toward camera about to turn a corner, Grandma Rose eating on the park bench behind her.  Carol is now wearing a ridiculous knit hat.  Something really bright and absurd, maybe with knit flowers all over it like one of those crazy old fashioned bathing caps.  

If such a thing is possible, the cat is smiling. 




Shut up. 

What I got you is the knitting pattern.  I commissioned my friend, the annoyingly talented and resourceful knitwear designer Nikol Lohr, to produce a pattern based on Filipe Andrade’s drawing and Jordie Bellaire’s colors.  I paid her in real money for the right to give you this pattern for free, so that, if you choose, you may produce one of these beauties for yourself (or, cajole one of your knitting friends to do it for you).  

Happy New Year, Carol Corps!! I love you. 

Download the pattern here and disseminate at will. 

Here’s Nikol modeling it. Isn’t she cute? 


This makes me kind of want to learn to knit…




Oh hey look, a 12 year-old just grasped the main concepts of The Hunger Games more accurately than most media networks.


I’m really sick of how people scoff when someone brings up The Hunger Games. They take it as “teen romance” and nothing more.

First off, the “romance” is actually an allegory. 

Katniss represents the common man, Peeta is peace, Gale is war. It’s the tug between an everyday person and their desire for revenge versus a moral compass that seeks peace in times of war. It’s kind of like the ID and the Superego where the ID is that impulse to avenge those you’ve lost and destroy those that have hurt you (Gale in his extreme form) and the Superego which is the conscience that wishes to do the right thing (Peeta).

Romance aside, Katniss fights first and foremost for her family, specifically her sister Primrose, the only person she is sure she loves.

The story is about choices, survival, family and revolution. It is not a romance story and those who claim it is are fools who are just going along with other fools that love to compare the story to Twilight, which is in fact a story about romance.

It’s fine if you don’t like The Hunger Games but if your reason is because you think it’s a teen romance I automatically lose respect for because that tells me you are being ignorant. The same goes for people who claim to be on team peeta or team gale because it’s not about choosing a boy and if that’s what you think I suggest you rewatch the movie/reread the novels.

The story itself is a warning about the future from the gluttony of the Capital, to the stolen innocence to the tributes, to the echo of slavery in district 11. 

There’s so much one can take from the novels, it’s such a shame that so many don’t understand it at all.

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